Zulfirman Syah

Fine Artist

I’m a fine artist from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. I studied at ISI Jogja, have been a member of the Sakato Art Community in Jogja for nearly two decades, and I am represented by REDBASE Art Management in New Zealand. I focus on creating large scale contemporary abstract pieces with acrylic on canvas. I’d love for you to stay a moment and take a look at my work.


My newly completed work, "Momentum," will be on display at Auckland Art Fair 2019
My recently completed work, "Awake," is currently display at REDBASE Yogyakarta

At Work

Hi, I’m Zulfirman Syah, or Jul as most people call me. I’m a dad of a toddler and a career artist of more than twenty years. I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in January with my wife and young son. I look forward to continuing my work, which will be display at the Auckland Art Fair, opening May 1st.


For me, creating art is an expression of my soul, born from my aesthetic experience. With each new work, I strive to use my technique and vision to make an impact on the evolution of art. My work has also been included in exhibitions at Cheim & Read Gallery in New York, Siena Art Institute in Siena Italy, and The National Art Museum of China in Beijing, as well as other locations internationally.

Zulfirman Syah

"Creativity takes courage."

Henri Matisse